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Invitation to Join an ECHO Knowledge Network

Welcome to Project ECHO L.A.™  You will need to register to become a member of our Project ECHO L.A.™ Knowledge Networks which can be done by clicking the “Register” icon on the home page or by clicking this link:  http://www.projectechola.org/register  (It may take 24 hours for your registration to be approved.)

Once approved, you will receive an invitation via email 1 or 2 days before the next session.  The email will have a live link to the session. within it.  You just need to click that link and you will get directions to begin joining the session. Follow the simple directions by inputting your name and email address.  If you have ever used Webex™ video conferencing sessions program on your computer before then you are all set, and you can utilize both video and audio via your computer (if your computer has a speaker/microphone combination.) If you have never used Webex™ on your computer before, then you will be asked to download the program. This takes less than 3 minutes.

You have a choice to utilize the audio portion of the session via computer or via phone.  If your computer lacks a speaker/microphone combination, then you can join audio via phone, using the phone # and access code given when you join the session. (Please identify yourself with your assigned caller # and your name, so we know who you are.) The choice to listen and speak via computer or phone is completely yours if your computer is equipped with both. The video portion should be easy to view via your computer.

Please let us know if you have any difficulties in joining a session.  You may phone us at 562-434-2000 with any problems or if you would like to schedule and perform a “test run” before a session to make sure your equipment works and you are comfortable with the program. The sessions are completely interactive with the providers and the specialist, so we want you to feel at ease! You may also email Karen Calechman, the Project ECHO L.A.™ Project Manager, with your requests or questions. Her email address is:  karen.calechman@lanetpbrn.net

We look forward to seeing you online at our next session!


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