Chronic Kidney Disease
Specialist Mentor: Bruce Greenfield, MD
Premier Nephrology Medical Group 

Sessions were held from May 2012-March 2013

Kidney Failure is a rapidly growing problem, but there is much a PCP can do to prevent this. Chronic Kidney Disease is intimately linked to heart disease and diabetes. CKD is a coronary disease equivalent. The idea is save your kidneys and save your heart. While there are competing demands for what you can do to prevent CKD, the clinic will provide you with the practical tools necessary to manage CKD patients and to help your patients know what they can do to prevent it.

The clinic supports primary care clinicians by presenting them with a knowledge network that help them to identify and manage CKD patients, and supplies the groundwork that is essential to improving health outcomes of the patients served.

Through didactic presentations, on-site training of office staff, production of educational recordings and provision of funding that allows indigent patients to be treated, Project ECHO L.A.™ takes a multifaceted approach to promoting health outcomes and building community between local providers.

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