Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I have to present cases?
We request that you present at least 1 case upon initial participation in a clinic session. Though, you are permitted to enter up to 2 cases per clinic session. The agenda is scheduled in the order received by the specialist. Participants will find benefit in both presenting and observing cases.

Do I have to participate in every session?
No. Clinic sessions are scheduled bi-weekly; participants of Project ECHO L.A.™ are not required to attend every session, however, the more sessions you participate in, the more you increase your knowledge and level of expertise. Clinic sessions will be audio and video recorded and available to registered members of Project ECHO L.A.™ Knowledge Networks.  The intent for one-to-many video conferencing is meant to support interactions between providers and specialist in real-time.

How many clinics sessions are being held?
There are a total of 20 sessions per clinic. Clinic is defined as community of practice sites and a specialty practice. A clinic session is a one-hour virtual grand rounds.

Is there a fee to participate?
There is no fee.  There are few basic technical requirements, which are reviewed during orientation.

Health information security?
The web host utilized during ECHO clinic sessions is HIPAA compliant and all appropriate measures are taken to protect both providers and patients.

What level of technical skill do clinic sessions require?
Participant should have the ability to navigate through e-mail.  Brief training  on using Webex™ video conferencing program is available upon request to Project ECHO L.A.™ staff.

What does ‘ECHO L.A.™’ stand for?
Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes in Los Angeles

What benefits do clinicians experience?

  • Evidence-based, best practice guidance from specialists
  • Case-based “learning-loop”
  • Didactic presentations from faculty and specialists
  • Opportunity for “One-on-One Training” with local and highly trained specialists
  • Live Q and A regarding your own patient cases and their conditions
  • Opportunity to translate new knowledge into practice to improve patient outcomes for chronic conditions commonly seen by primary providers

Are there benefits to the community?

  • Improved specialty care access to rural and underserved populations
  • Allows patients to be treated locally by their PCP who learns to treat common chronic diseases
  • Reduction in unnecessary referrals when teachings are put into practice

Are there any requirements to join a Tele-ECHO Clinic?

  • Annual HIPAA training
  • Access to and working knowledge of the following:
  • E-Mail
  • Reliable broadband/wireless connection
  • Web Access with a Minimum Bandwidth of greater than 300 KB
  • Space to hold ECHO sessions

How do you monitor outcomes?
Evaluations are conducted throughout the series of ECHO sessions by LA Net using specific utilization measures to demonstrate program success.

What costs are involved just joining a clinic?
Participation is free.

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