Adult Psychiatry

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Adult Psychiatry
Specialist Mentor: Curley Bonds, MD
Chief Medical Officer-Didi Hirsch, Community Mental Health Center
Clinic Session begins: Thursday, October 4, 2012 and are held every other Wednesday.

Increasingly Primary Care Providers (PCPs) are expected to evaluate and treat patients with psychiatric problems. Even though most providers have always delivered a basic level of treatment for depression and anxiety, the level of complexity and sophistication that is now expected of them often exceeds their level of comfort. This is because most have had only a limited amount of training few opportunities for continuing education in mental health treatment. The Adult Psychiatry ECHO Knowledge Network will provide registrants with a learning community that will help address knowledge gaps in this area. The Adult Psychiatry clinic is meant to expand access to high-quality and effective treatment for common psychiatric problems in communities throughout Los Angeles. The program addresses both the medical and behavioral treatment of psychiatric problems that frequently occur within the safety net of primary care practices.The clinic supports primary care clinicians by partnering them with a specialist mentor, and a network of their peers who consult together through case-based learning to manage their patients with psychiatric problems.  This supplies the groundwork that is essential to improving health outcomes of the patients served.Through didactic presentations, on-site training of office staff, production of educational recordings and provision of funding that allows indigent patients to be treated, Project ECHO L.A.™ takes a multifaceted approach to promoting health outcomes and building community between local providers.

Physician Assistants can earn CME credits by attending Adult Psychiatry ECHO sessions! ECHO sessions are considered “Category 2 Credits” with the NCCPA. PAs are allowed to log up to half their required credits as Category 2. Category 2 activities are “self-desginated” and don’t require a certificate of any kind. PAs are responsible for keeping their own record of attendance and remember to log it with the NCCPA.

The Project ECHO LA team is happy to assist PAs in producing an attendance record, summary of cases presented, etc.

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